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 Chiropractic, Osteopathy & Massage in 30 minute or hour long appointments can reduce your pain, improve your health & get your body performing at its best

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“Knowledge is the greatest pain liberator of all”  Most of our patients see good improvements within 3 sessions!

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Mary Anne

As a chiropractor Ricky assessed my needs swiftly and drew up practical and tailored guidelines for exercise. Ricky is very supportive and professional. He meticulously monitored my well being throughout my training in the lead up to my first cycling sportive. Not only did he make valuable suggestions about how to improve my performance (which turned out better than I dared hope), he also genuinely shared my delight in achieving my goal.

Carol Thompson

Ricky is the best chiropractor I have seen and I’ve seen a few! As well as successfully treating my migraine headaches he also diagnosed and treated me giving me back the flexibility I had not had for about 15 years. I am now back doing sports and ballet, trying to keep up with the children, as well as taking up cycling and going to Rowfit classes! He has also very capably treated my foot, knee and back problems. Ricky is friendly and inspiring and certainly knows his stuff. Thank you Ricky.


Chris at Summit is the first practitioner to really help reduce my symptoms for a prolonged period of time, having tried multiple avenues through the NHS. Would thoroughly recommend.


Absolutely BRILLIANT. The initial consultation was extremely thorough and the combination of treatment with rehabilitation exercises is keeping me pain free. I cannot recommend Ricky enough – he is excellent at what he does and the follow ups after the first session have been detailed and supportive. GO, GET IT SORTED. You’ll be finally be fixed!


I had an initial consultation with Jess, and from there have had 3 sports massages, with more booked. The overall experience was great and the team really friendly. Affordable and the guys are really flexible with timings too!

Edmund Bradbury (Pro Cyclist)

“Pilates classes have been perfect for me as a professional athlete, helping me focus on improving my flexibility and highlighting weaknesses in my core strength. Hannah’s classes were very welcoming to me as a complete beginner and have supported me as they became increasingly challenging. Followed by a sports massage – best two hours of my week!”



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The team at Summit all have strong interests in sport & well-being so we understand the challenges associated with injury. 

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