Running injury repairs- How to not get injured


Whether you have a current cycling or running injury, or not, this blog is worth a read as winter is finally drawing to an end and lots of us have races booked this year. Marathons and long bike rides are scary things that hang around in the back of your mind as you sit there planning the start of your training.

It seems to scare you so much that in the small amount of time you have to run or ride you feel compelled to get as many miles in as you can. This is the weekend warrior scenario and it’s BAD, it can increase your chances of a  running injury.

Your body is an amazing machine, it has the ability to repair itself and cope with all the stresses you hurl at during day to day life.

However, runners that only run get injured… why is this?

To avoid a running injury your body needs to be conditioned. This is why we advise runners to build mileage (or in my personal preference, time), slowly, so that you don’t overload your body too quickly and end up with a strained muscle, sore tendon or stress fractures. Your cardiovascular system and muscles adapt relatively quickly to the increased loading and activity-usually 2-4 weeks, however ligaments, tendons and bones lag behind. The more miles you run the more you should rest…

Increased tissue loading & damage (running) = Increased time needed to regenerate (rest). It’s a simple formula that leads us to advising no more than a 10% increase per week, with rest weeks and of course, as you progress, more strength work.

Strength lends itself to endurance and not the other way around…

Muscles have to deal with a huge amount of repetitive impact forces when running, the stronger your muscles are the more you absorb these and the less energy you use in every step. Simply put, strength training in a running or cycling program can make you faster, improve your form and keep you away from running injury so you can run that scary marathon or cycle 300k (like some of my more ‘interesting’ patients) in 2016.

If you are interested to learn more about how a good strength program can work for you, we have links to a fantastic strength and conditioning centre in Richmond called One Performance UK who deal with runners, cyclists (with my help) and many other sports men and women to improve performance and help reduce injury.

As your training increases and those general running injury niggles begin to creep in, sports massage, medical acupuncture and manual therapy can help keep you on track. We’ve helped lots of people speed up recovery by giving them the treatment and knowledge needed to address painful injuries and improve performance, so if you’re suffering we may be able to help you too.

If you have any questions about pain, running injury or training contact us through the normal avenues via email or phone, all of which are on our website. We also have a selection of exercises in the exercises section that could help get you started.


See you at the start line!

The Summit Team x

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