Cycling & running in the winter not your thing? Try focussing on other areas…


If the weather is just too much to bear then there are plenty of options when it comes to indoor training. Many riders & runners also use this time of the year to work on sorting out niggling injuries or building up other areas that have been neglected during the season. Here’s a quick look at what you can be doing to get the best out of Indoor Training during the Winter months.

Dust off the Turbo Trainer/ Treadmill

You can make great fitness gains with a well-structured turbo training program of even 3 short/sharp HIIT sessions per week. That’s a short period of hard effort, followed by a short rest, repeated several times! It is very time efficient and can allow you to focus on specific attributes you may wish to improve – leg speed and cadence, strength, functional threshold power, and body positioning. There are now many apps that can help to structure training such as Trainer Road or even turn the whole thing into an online cycling game with Zwift. 


Try out a spin class

If you feel you need some external motivation and moral support then getting down to your local gym and trying out some spinning classes can be a fun way to keep on top of your fitness. Evolution Cycle has just opened in Mortlake with plenty of intro offers.

Work on your strength

Some people call it ‘off-season’, the rest of us call it winter, either way this is a really good time to work on building strength in key areas to improve performance. Top of the list should be quads, hamstrings and glutes as these are your powerhouses for cranking out the watts or pounding the pavement. Single leg exercises are best! We would suggest working hard in our Pilates classes with Hannah or with a knowledgeable personal trainer or strength & conditioning coach like Paul May or the S&C coaches at One Performance UK.

Sort out your flexibility

If there are limitations in your mobility they can influence your position on the bike or while running. There can be a number of knock-on effects from making you slower, less comfortable & more prone to developing injuries. My target areas for most cyclists & runners are hamstrings, hips, lower and upper back. Try our exercises page and of course our Pilates classes.

Address niggling injuries

If you have had injuries over the last year or recently had some time out, then now is the time to build from the ground up. Dust off the rehab or drop in for an up to date plan to stay injury free in 2018 & if your lucky enough to be injury free, keep it that way with massage, nutrition & our other services at Summit!