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BikeFit.London offers Cycling Injury Treatment in Richmond & London; Meet our CycleFit trained registered Clinician here.

If you have pain on the bike there’s a reason for it, cycling pain is NOT normal! We offer clinical bike fitting and cycling injury treatment Richmond, all under one roof. A bike fit is like, (we think more important than), a gait scan or running assessment. The bike is a rigid structure that if positioned wrong can be restrictive, forcing your body to encounter excessive loads and lead you in to injury and pain. We assess your position using a full clinical examination and slow motion video capture to prevent this.

Cycling Injury Treatment Richmond

Cycling Injury Treatment Richmond

We aim to find the source of your cycling injury and address this both on and off the bike. Cycling injury treatment Richmond involves changes to your position alongside the utilisation of several treatment modalities within our clinic in East Sheen above Pearson Cycles. We most commonly manage;

  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Hip pain
  • Knee pain
  • Foot and wrist pain

Cycling injury treatment and cycling related pain management utilises gentle manual therapy, soft tissue therapy, medical acupuncture and rehab exercises with the aim of reducing pain and improving function as quickly as possible. Most people see huge changes in the first few sessions!

Cycling injury treatment Richmond

Cycling injury treatment Richmond

Why is a bike-fit important?

A good bike fit has the ability to change the way you ride. It can drastically improve both comfort and performance on the bike and simply allows you to get the most out of the sport you love.
A bike fit at Summit Wellbeing won’t just highlight areas of weakness in your bike set up, it will also pick up limitations within your body and give you the tools to go away and improve upon them.
Tips on specific mobility and focussed strength exercises can accelerate your progress on the bike and with the expertise at Summit, can locate, diagnose and treat painful conditions that commonly occur in cyclists both on and off the bike. The cycling injury treatment Richmond approach, we find, is extremely effective at improving both training/ race performance and the overall riding experience.

There are the 7 stages to our Clinical cycling analysis as part of the cycling injury treatment Richmond process;

1. Full history and medical examination by a fully qualified health professional and bike fitter.
2. Cleat & shoe set up.
3. Saddle height, set back configuration
4. Handle bar set up including drop, reach and bar type/width.
5. Video capture
6. Development of a specific rehab program to improve bodily limitations encountered in the fit.
7. The 3 month re-fit.

Don’t miss out as you might just miss out on race day…

Ricky works from Summit Wellbeing in East Sheen, Richmond and also spends 3 days per week in the city offering 2 other locations at Pure Sports Medicine Clinics. This service is marginally more expensive in the city than at cycling injury treatment Richmond.