Pregnancy massage

Pregnancy massage for postural back pain.


As we progress through a pregnancy the demands on a mothers body become more and more, pregnancy massage can help you manage the associated aches and pains;

Back pain during pregnancy is caused by changes in weight distribution creating what we call an anterior pelvic tilt or rotation of the hips forward. This creates a more significant arch through the lumbar spine, directing higher loads to the spinal joints and causing the lower back muscles to become more active. The effect is overload and aching pains through the lower back and hips and we see this anterior pelvic tilt in many men and women, not just expectant mums.

The increasing loads occurring through the lower back can refer upwards to the mid and upper back, towards the neck and head. Knowing what to do is important for reducing the chance of back pain during pregnancy and dysfunction in this situation.

Amongst other things maintaining strength through the lower abdominal and gluteal muscles is especially important for reducing the workload of the lower lumbar spine musculature and joints. Postural techniques like gently tightening the buttock muscles whilst standing can really help offload this area too.

Pregnancy massage treatment is aimed at gently releasing tight overworked muscle and gently mobilising stiff joints. We use soft tissue techniques, medical acupuncture, taping and postural exercises to address postural imbalances throughout the length of your pregnancy and keep you moving as freely and pain free as possible. A tailored home stretch and strength program is vital for preventing further episodes.

We have special cushions that enable mums with bumps to lie on their front in comfort and this really helps you get the most out of your pregnancy massage treatment.

It’s a great way to help both yourself and your baby be happy all the way up to birth. If you have any questions then just drop us an email or request a call back!

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